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What to visit

Boat trip to Cala Ferrera

Cala Farrera

Cala Ferrera is a cove of sand and rocks in Cala d'Or, 14km from Portocolom. Protected from the wind and located between cliffs, its waters are calm and of an incomparable turquoise blue tone that invites you to swim.

The sea inlet inland is shaped like the letter Y, and in turn, gives rise to its neighboring beach Cala Serena, also known as Caló de ses Dones, located about 100 meters from Cala Ferrera. Cala Ferrera has the distinction of blue flag beach and has all the services.

The beach is ideal for anchoring boats. Due to the large accumulation of boats in the area, we recommend anchoring near the mouth of the cove, on a sandy bottom about 8 meters deep. There is an islet on the beach, the Faralló islet. We advise you not to go further in the direction of the beach.

Type of excursion : 1/2 day

Time required: 18'.


What to do in Cala d'Or

Cala Esmeralda

Cala Esmeralda, also known as Caló des Corrals, is 25 meters wide and 40 meters deep. It gets its name from the blue-greenish hue that the sea acquires when it comes into contact with the sun's rays. It is a small cove of sand and rocks of medium height. It is protected from the winds, with a moderate swell and crystal clear waters that invite you to swim.

It is one of the most "natural" beaches of Cala d'Or, since the construction in the area does not reach the seafront as usual in the area and retains some of its native vegetation.

Type of excursion : 1/2 day

Time to get there: 15'.



boat trip on Cala d'Or

Cala Gran

Cala d'Or is a tourist area on the southeast coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is known for its marina along Cala Llonga. The coast is dotted with coves surrounded by pine trees, such as the main one, Cala Gran. On top of a hill, to the north, the medieval castle of Santueri dominates the village of S'Horta and the coast. To the southwest, the natural park of Mondragó is home to a great variety of birds, such as cormorants and ospreys.

Type of excursion: 1/2 day

Travel time: 5 min


Rent a boat and visit the coves of Cala d'Or

Cala Serena

Cala Serena also known as Caló de ses Dones is a sandy cove of small dimensions, with rocky ends, protected from the wind between small cliffs, its calm waters invite you to swim. From its rocky sides, the youngest often jump into the sea.

We advise Cala Serena, to the tourists who are in the zone that prefer to rest of the agglomerations.

The cove allows the draft of boats. We recommend anchoring at the mouth of the cove on a sandy bottom at an average depth of 4 meters.

Type of excursion: 1/2 day

Time: 18'.

What to do in Cala d'Or

Cala Mitjana

Its waters are transparent, with different shades of color in the water depending on the time of day and the sun's rays. Here there is no pollution or contamination, it is like a natural pool. The sandy bottom has a depth of about 5 meters, and we recommend you to take snorkeling equipment with you, you will enjoy it.

Type of excursion: 1 day

Time: 45'.

boat excursion to Cala sa Nau

Cala sa Nau

Cala sa Nau is a Z-shaped sea inlet inland with a length of 300 meters, this allows the beach to have areas protected from the wind, similar to swimming pools. The turquoise blue tone of its waters, is caused by the mouth of a freshwater tributary in the cove, highly recommended beach for the whole family that has a very lively beach bar :)

The anchoring of boats in the area is optimal and easily recognizable given the large number of yachts that anchor in its waters. The bottom is sandy and has an average depth of 5 meters at the buoy line level.

Type of excursion: full day

Time : 60'.

Electric boat for hire and visit Portopetro

Cala Egos

This small beach is characterized by forming the largest "gorge" of this area in the southeast of Mallorca. Cliffs and rocky areas that hide sandy beaches are common in Cala d'Or. For the beach of Cala Egos nature has wanted the beach to be practically imperceptible for the boat that sails in front of this area. You have to go deep to find this small and beautiful sandy beach of Cala d'Or.

The bottom is sand and seaweed with some rocks, and is between 5 and 10 m deep. It is necessary to watch out for winds from the south-southeast.

Type of excursion: 1/2 day

Time: 35'.

Sailing without a licence in Portopetro

Caló des Homes Morts, Portopetro

Caló des Homos Morts is five kilometers from Cala dOr. In this sandy area, a huge pine tree, located between the land and the sea, is a surprising welcome for visitors. Both the sand and the water are at the service of the leisure activities of Club Mediterranée and other tourist services. About 200 meters from the shore, buoys prevent the passage of boats, while a jetty has been installed on the left for the swallows arriving from Portopetro. Even so, its sandy bottom, with seaweed and five meters deep are suitable for the draft of boats, although if the wind rises from the east, it is a very undesirable coastline for anchoring. The nearest port facility, Reial Club Nàutic Portopetro, is 0.6 nautical miles away.

Type of excursion: 1/2 day

Time: 30'.

electric boat hire near Portopetro

Caló de Sa Torre

Small cove frequented by boats that anchor in the area and by bathers staying in nearby hotels.

Its sand is white and its waters are very calm due to being protected from the wind, between cliffs.

Its name comes from an ancient defense tower, nowadays semi-destroyed, erected at the end of this territory in 1626 with the purpose of warning about the Saracen pirate incursions.

Caló de Sa Torre is one of those coves with clean waters and very cozy where we can enjoy a dip in a privileged environment, ideal for sunbathing.

Boat for rent to visit natural park Mallorca

Caló de sa Barca Trencada, Portopetro

Caló de sa Barca Trencada is four kilometers from sAlqueria Blanca. This portion of the coast of Migjorn is sandy and is surrounded by some hotels that contrast with a natural environment in which stand out the scrubland, pine forest, old oak groves and dune vegetation. This rocky accident is divided into two arms, the left one is a rocky area and the right one is a beautiful, small beach, with a long sandy area and many pine trees distributed among small mounds and the very center of this cove. The underwater conditions of this beach, exposed to the southwest-west winds, allow the close draft of boats, on a sandy bottom, at a depth of five meters, just when the inlet begins to narrow.

Type of excursion: 1 day

Time: 60'.

visit Mondragó Natural Park by renting an electric boat

Parc Natural de Mondragó

It was declared a natural park in 1992. It is also a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI) and is part of the Natura 2000 Network as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and Site of Community Interest (SCI).

This nature reserve is made up of a mosaic of different environments that give it a great diversity of landscapes: wild olive and pine forests, orchids and oak groves, dry farming fields, coastal junipers, the sweet pond of s'Amarador, the brackish ses Fonts de n'Alis and its spectacular coastline. It is also home to one of the most famous coves in Mallorca: Mondragó cove.

Although we also recommend you to visit its neighbor: the beach of s'Amarador. This one, although it is also part of the Natural Area of Special Interest, is an almost virgin beach, without constructions and less crowded than the previous one. If you go to the natural park of Mondragó you can visit two more beaches: sa Font de n'Alis and es caló des Borgit.

This National Park is a natural corner that offers the perfect setting to contemplate the beauty of the ravines, the coastal cliffs, the beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters, etc.. Spaces inhabited by species typical of the island of Mallorca and with which we must coexist in harmony if we want to visit them.

Type of excursion: full day

Time: 60-80'.