The mission of eboats

e-Boats Experience, is an initiative of Nauta Morgau ecoboats shipyard.
We set course for a better future and we do so by building boats with passion and awareness. We build using sustainable materials and equipping our boats with electric motors.
This is our contribution in taking care of the planet, of our clients and of all those who respectfully enjoy the sea.
We are completely aware of what we offer as we are part of the process from the very beginning. From when there was only wood which needed to be shaped, taking care of every step and checking all the details.
For all these reasons, we want you to sail with e-Boats! We are certain that we are the best option for you and the planet.


We are a young and dynamic team. Both the boats production and rental teams apply very clear principles of sustainability and ecology in all the processes. Our staff dedicated to day/half-day rental in Marina Cala d'Or wil be happy to help and provide you with all the information you need!



You will find our rental base in an ideal harbor to explore the east coast of Majorca, with perfect location to discover beautiful coves whether you are heading north or south.

And if curiosity guides your course and you want to know the shipyard where the Nauta Morgau boats are built handmade, you will find us in Felanitx.


At eBoats Experience we are convinced that it is possible to enjoy a leisure day at sea, with the minimum possible impact on the environment. We offer a silent alternative, without spills or unpleasant odors, where mimicking with nature is very easy. 

As an added value to the growing electric offer in navigation, our boats are made of wood, like the traditional ones that have shaped the Mediterranean landscape for centuries but with an innovative construction system that reduces the maintenance of the boats while ensuring an ecological life cycle.


eBoats Experience was born from the need to give continuity to the "mestre d'Aixa" activity, updating the construction process and applying the latest technology in motorisation to be a real alternative to the fibre and polyester boats that have proliferated in recent decades. We build fully recyclable wooden electric boats.

Our first prototype was a racing boat with lateen sail, "Espiadimonis". A year later we built a llaüt with an electric outboard motor, the "Thàlassa", and shortly after we got excited about building a wooden electric boat inspired by James Bond and Indiana Jones movies, which we called Liverbola, meaning "tenacity" in Esperanto. Our latest prototype is an evolution of the first classic wooden speedboat optimised for reduced paint maintenance and faster cleaning offering greater protection against splashes on board. We call them Sinergio and Antaüen, they are designed for day charter and are super comfortable and irresistibly cute!.

We continue to develop ecological and sustainable solutions in new versions of small electric boats that can meet different needs. Keep an eye on us visiting www.nautamorgau.com because soon you will be able to see the new models!.

Eboats Experience is the nautical rental base for the boats built at Nauta Morgau ecoboats. This shipyard designs, builds and sells its boats directly to private clients, companies and official distributors, as well as using the prototypes for rental and as drive tests for potential buyers.

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience?